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DAYS AND HOURS AVAILABLE: Friday, Saturday and Sundays: 7am to 2pm (morning shift) OR 2pm to 8pm (afternoon shift)

Employment Application – Bubbles Laundry Spa

    Before Submitting your Application PLEASE READ: At Bubbles Laundry Spa, we take pride in being a locally owned business with a strong commitment to excellence. Our dedication to “getting it right” is reflected in the exceptional service we provide to our community. We understand that the key to our success lies in having the right people on our team, and our Laundromat attendants play a crucial role in ensuring our customers return week after week.

    We are actively seeking individuals who embody our values – super-friendly, always smiling, helpful, and hardworking individuals who recognize the importance of delivering GREAT customer service and building positive relationships. Working at Bubbles Laundry Spa is not just a job; it’s a fun and rewarding experience where every team member contributes to our success. If you’re looking for a work environment that values friendliness, hard work, and customer satisfaction, then Bubbles Laundry Spa is looking for you! Join us in creating a happy, healthy, and friendly atmosphere while assisting customers with self-serve and Wash Dry & Fold services, as well as contributing to facility maintenance and cleanliness. Always friendly, always helpful – that’s the Bubbles Laundry Spa way!

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    Why Choose Us? We are FULLY attended and provide security inside and out

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